About Me


I’m Melissa and currently reside in the Seattle Washington area with my amazing family. I have a professional background in graphic design, but I love all forms of art. I also love all things cute (I’m a sucker for them). My main artistic passions I like to do at home are crocheting, cooking, food photography and styling, crafting, calligraphy, illustrations and designing.

Food: I always helped my mom cook in the kitchen as a kid and while I didn’t catch on to her style of cooking (the no-exact-measurement kind), I learned basic tips and recipes. Although, I always loved to bake, I wasn’t as interested in cooking non-dessert foods. It wasn’t until years after I married that I developed a knack for cooking other dishes. And my passion for food and cooking developed more throughout the years. As a perfectionist in the creative world, it has also affected my food world. If I’m not completely happy with a recipe that I’m currently obsessing over, I repeatedly rework it until it is perfect for me and my husband. Recipes that I share here are recipes that are tried and true.

Creative: I’ve been crocheting since 2011 and got hooked making cute amigurumis (stuffed knitted/crocheted items) for fun. Five years later, I started making crochet cupcakes for my daughter that loved to pretend play. She loves them for pretend cooking and for pretend tea parties! I don’t just crochet, though. I tend to become obsessed with new things (and overspend when it happens), whether they be food, art style, crafting style or anything really. Once that obsession hits, that is all I do until it is P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

Here in this blog, you’ll find all my latest obsessions that I’m proud to share with all of you and hope you enjoy them.