Digital Watercolor Print – Disney quotes

Last year for my daughter’s school, my school committee job was (and still am this year) yearbook lead. While I’m sure most parents in my position would most likely do it the easy way and use templates provided by the yearbook printing company, I, as always, make things difficult on myself by wanting to do EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything. One parent from each class would take photos and upload them to the yearbook, but for every other aspect of the yearbook I had to design on my own (cover design, 54 background pages, photo layout, photography for my class, etc…) Very stressful doing it that way, but at least I enjoyed it and was very rewarding at the end for me. The yearbook theme was watercolor that I created digitally.

I still enjoy creating digital watercolor prints and friends seemed to like that style, as well. Few months later, I was asked to design a Disney themed print that was going to be given as a farewell gift as the recipient was leaving the Disney company. I was provided with various quotes that she liked and I picked some that worked out the best in the design. Can you name all the movies these quotes are from without looking it up? ūüôā


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